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Epsilon RTV Coating Team

The Story

Established in 2004, Epsilon has a niche team that is driven by the pursuit of excellence.

The journey began with data networks and security, we then partnered with German engineering companies to execute turnkey projects for Polyurethane System Houses for Bayer material Science (now Covestro) in India and Thailand, developed nonlethal laser systems for Avian Dispersal ensuring flight safety and then explored the world of silicones. 

Our newfound understanding of silicones and coating procedures as per the stringent German DIN standard helped us devise specialised systems optimized for field-coating of RTV Coatings on Insulators. We disrupted the insulator industry within the power sector and brought about greater grid reliability and uptime. 

In 2015, we were tasked by POWER GRID India  (PGCIL) to devise  a insulation system for conductors facing clearance issues and we stood up to the challenge – today the innovative concepts for sleeve use in the Power Transmission industry are incorporated into the PGCIL manual for construction of new lines.

Today, we are an ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 organization and our global customers include the likes of SIEMENS, TATA Power, GE, TRENCH, Powergrid, ABB, ACC, L&T, Aditya Birla Group, Sterling & Wilson, Skipper Electric, Tata Steel, JSW, GMR, Adani Power, Reliance Industries, NTPC, Indian Railways, Transrail Lighting, Naraya (Essar) Energy, LNG Petronet and many other industry leaders.

The Logo

Three Power Lines in the sky – our sector.

An ‘E’ for Energy –  the sector, our attitude 

The ‘SIL’ of silicone, at the core of Epsilon

The ‘ON’ of how power networks should be

Partner with innovation. Partner with Epsilon 

Recent and Upcoming Events:

national Tutorial on Overhead Lines 

17-18 March, 2021

Under the aegis of CIGRE India and the Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP), Ministry of Power:

(a) RTV Insulator Coatings: Global Trends & Learnings

(b) Epsilon Sleeves for Grid reliability

Presenter: Neelesh Arora

CPRI National Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Technology

12 March, 2021

Paper presented: 

Field Coating of 765kV Transformer Bushings with RTV HVIC: Planning, Implementation and Results

Author: Neelesh Arora

Paper ID: HVET_001

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From the CEO

At Epsilon, we value diligence, reliability, intelligence and innovation bring success and happiness. Let’s do good things, look for good people, and let what we do improve the lives of many. 

Neelesh Arora

Committee Member, Bureau of Indian Standards, “Insulator & Insulator Accessories”

Member, CIGRÉ B2.69 “Coatings for Power Networks”

Industry Contributor to IEEE 1523 “RTV Insulator Coatings”