R&M for 200MW/210MW, 300MW and 500MW Thermal and Hydro Power Plants

R&M, LE & U of old power plants has been recognized by the Ministry of Power, Government of India as one of the most cost effective methods for augmenting power supply by virtue of short gestation periods and low cost.

DEC is a global leader in R&M and Life Extension projects for 200/210MW class and above Power Plants. With over 100 successful R&M projects already executed (including over 30 based on LMZ designs) DEC has an immense wealth of information acquired from their experiences in R&M project execution, manufacturing processes and collected operational data over the past few decades.

R&M/LE and U Targets:

DEC Experience with R&M

DEC is capable of R&M of all unit sizes

DEC’s R&M experience specific to LMZ 200 MW/210 MW R&M is based on:

  1. DEC has supplied 200MW Class Thermal Power Units to 66 power plants with 92 Boilers, 106 Turbines and 104 Generators
  2. Out of the 106 LMZ 200MW steam turbines manufactured by DEC, performed flow path R&M conducted on 42 units
  3. Performed flow path R&M on 20 units of 300MW and 31 units of non-OEM units with various outputs
  4. Since manufacturing the first 200MW class unit in the 1970’s, DEC has applied advanced technologies to the original design, as DEC has manufactured so many 600MW and 1000MW ultra-supercritical advanced steam turbines
Additionally, with 10,000 MW of their manufacturing output now dedicated for R&M projects, DEC no is a top contender for any upcoming R&M project.

At Epsilon we can assist you meet your goals for R&M, LE & U for all size units of various designs (including LMZ based designs). Epsilon has assisted in participation of Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) in the National Workshop on R&M, LE & U jointly organized by CEA in association of NTPC under the aegis of the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India.

Please do contact us at +91.98715.16222 or neelesh@epsilonasia.com so we can send you documentation and a presentation about the capabilities of DEC for R&M and how we can help you achieve your R&M targets.